“Make your brain work for you”

My talks are about how our habitual ways of thinking define our life

As a speaker, my talks are about how our habitual ways of thinking define our life, including the link between the conscious and subconscious mind. I share how our brains already have all the ‘software’ we need to change anything we want to. There’s audience participation in the form of some simple exercises which are fun to do and illustrate the mind body connection. If as some people say we are what we eat, we are even more so what we habitually think!

From starting out as a computer programmer, I spent many years working as a freelance IT consultant. One of my jobs was to do Business Process Re-engineering, where a process would be re-designed to make it simpler, more efficient, cheaper, or changed for some other reason, for example to give the customer or end user a better experience. As part of my work I had to give presentations and lead workshops but I suffered from high levels of anxiety and was always stressed. I usually felt sick before doing a presentation and shook like a leaf!

Then I took a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming and was amazed at the changes I was able to make just by understanding what made me think the way I did, and then learning ways to think differently. I became fascinated by all things related to mindset, especially how our habits not only run our lives, but our expectations of ourselves and levels of success. After a few years, (during which I did more NLP study, as well as coaching and hypnotherapy training) I decided to change career, and became a hypnotherapist and coach. I wanted to help others. I love working with people, helping them make major changes in their lives, whether that’s stopping panic attacks, helping them lose weight or overcome their fear of flying. My fascination with the way our brains work continues. 

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