Training your brain to work for you…

Are you fed up of the working treadmill

Does your day sometimes feel like this?

There’s no doubt that habits run our lives….

Unfortunately, many of us are so controlled by our habits that we never change our behaviour. The effect of this is you remain stuck in those old, conditioned responses, like a hamster in a wheel, destined to carry on doing the same things in the same way.

One of the things that marks out the mindset of a resilient person is their ability to adapt.

Asking yourself 3 questions at the start of the day can help you regain control of your life and highlight habits that may holding you back

  1. What’s working right now? What things are you habitually thinking or doing that are helping you move forward or getting you closer to you goal? Carry on doing these things but remember to keep checking on a regular basis.
  1. What’s not working? One definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, so if something isn’t working for you, focus on looking for an alternative solution or response to the problem/situation. Changing your response will lead to a different outcome.
  1. What else? Look for ways to strengthen and expand the habits that are working and work to replace those habits that are keeping you stuck.

The power of habit is immense.

Create a habit of coaching yourself every day with these 3 questions.

“The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might of the force of habit and must understand that practices are what create habits. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires.” J Paul Getty

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“Training your brain to work for you”

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